News of the Delicious: Iconic Regional Food Favorites

Leah Cavazos: I’m originally from Alexandria, Virgina (outside of DC). I remember my family and I going to crab boils! Steamed crabs and crab legs! Mmm, crab legs!

Jason Ogden: Central NY, salt potatoes are a staple all summer long but not really eaten anywhere else in the country.

Shanna Mac: Dad was AF so I’m from everywhere and nowhere. So, I’ll just list my top three: Massachusetts-fried clams with the bellies, Philippines– pansit, Germany-schnitzel.

Nikita Elf: Southern California….California burritos, which is a carne asada burrito with french fries lol

Richard Wallace: Merritt Island, Florida – blackened Redfish. Yum

Carrie Onza: New York, specifically Long Island. Stereotypical, but I miss my bagels and pizza!!!

Tabatha L. Whaley: Missouri– cashew chicken

Michelle Ray: Cashew Chicken-Springfield, Missouri

Emilee Elise: Cashew chicken is only a Missouri thing, more specifically a Springfield thing. Florida: Whataburger. I’m sure there’s a better option and that other places have Whataburgers too, but I didn’t experience it until I moved here. Their fajita tacos and cinnamon rolls are amazing!

Challyn Pfifer: Craig, Colorado. Anything make with elk meat!

Becky Bump Meacham: I was born in Adamstown, PA and I guess I’d pick Halupkies and Scrapple….but not together lol

Amantha Murphy: Buffalo, NY famous for chicken wings but the hidden gems are mighty taco, teds hot dogs, and pizza logs! Oh and I must not forget sponge candy!

Lindsey Starr: Western Massachusetts = cider and maple syrup everything

Sarah Spiers Narvaez: I’m from Canada and we’re known for Poutine and Nanimo bars, which reminds me that I need to make some of those… they’re so good!

Joy McGregor: I’m originally from Dallas, Texas and you can get fresh chicken fried steak at every restaurant you go to. American, steak house, Tex-mex, Italian restaurant and it’s always delicious. No pre-made frozen chicken fried steak. They don’t ask if you would like country gravy or brown gravy on it, because the answer is always country gravy.

Aymee Ladan: New Hampshire… real maple syrup!

Frazier Alyse: Hawaii– always had white rice.

Courtney Stowell: Conch from Key Largo

Christine Paige: Bronx, N.Y.C bagels and pizza.

Emily Ogden: Western New York….Beef on Weck !!

Stacy Shank-Mazon: North Dakota – Lots of Norwegian population up there; we always had Lefse especially at the holidays! It’s a flat tortilla like food made from riced potatoes! You usually put butter and sugar on it and roll it up to eat it! I ordered some from you there for our Florida Christmas this year!

Valerie Jo Gravat Rodriguez: Fairhope, Alabama and we pride ourselves on Fried Crab Claws and Seafood Gumbo!



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